“Shari is the first therapist I have ever seen and I had a wonderful healing experience. I was very impressed with how effective the EFT tapping technique released old trauma and heavy emotional loops. After the first session I felt a noticeable weight off my physical/emotional bodies. Shari has a very calm and present demeanor which put me instantly at ease. I highly recommend her!”

“Big improvement, I definitely shifted, much calmer and I know how to get back to calm right away.”

“I wanted to let you know that I have been 100% better. I completely got over my fear of flying and I have been so much better about …. …I want to see you again for money issues….”

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you so sincerely for your kindness and the healing you shared with me when I visited you.  As challenging as it was to go through the separation from my husband, I was barely keeping it together. Breaking the cycle of dysfunction and pain almost broke *me*. Working with you gave me the opportunity to get through some of the gunk that was keeping me stuck in that cycle of abuse. ….   Thank you, Shari. I’m truly blessed to know someone with such wonderful talent. Thank you for helping me when I didn’t even know where to begin. ”

“After the end of a cherished relationship and recent major surgery, I had carried around a dark heaviness that I could not seem to shake. After one session with Shari, that heaviness was lifted and the vacated space filled with a lighthearted and optimistic energy. I feel alive again! Thank you Shari!”

“The tune-up idea caught my attention a week or so back. I have been stuck in the mud with regards to work, pleasure and had been in a real February funk. I decided to stop the presses and spend time on me. An hour of “blossoming” – relaxing, energizing and simply putting myself in a mode of growth. I can’t believe the difference in my energy. It seems so strange in our daily lives that spending time on yourself is not the priority it should be. I want to thank you for the relaxed, professional approach and the results have created a lighter, more jovial Jim with an acute clarity. I completely endorse the “ Tune- Up” and hope others will find time for themselves……We are important !! Sales Consultant (February 2012)

“Always leave Shari’s office with perspective, optimism and tools for the future.” Musician and Entrepreneur 

“The first thing I noticed about Shari Gordon was her warm and welcoming attitude. She has a vibrant energy that is full of compassion and a true desire to connect with you in a relaxed manner. Her clarity is amazing and within a few minutes was able to identify the underlying core of what was stopping me from living to my full potential. I have had a few sessions with her using hypnosis and EFT and each time I leave with a feeling of confidence and peacefulness. The issues that we have worked on are no longer a part of my life and I am truly at peace. What a joy to have that inner peace and live a richer life. Thank you Shari for the wonderful work you do!” Healing Practitioner

“In the eight years since my divorce I have dealt with residual anger and a feeling of betrayal. Consciously I was aware anger did not serve me and knew I needed to let go but couldn’t. The result was that I remained in an almost constant state of being on guard; it kept me out of present and blocked me from being a happy productive person. I knew that these emotions were now embedded in my subconscious, but I didn’t know how to go about resetting my subconscious, and wondered if that burden would be something I’d carry for the rest of my life. I decided to work with Shari because when she spoke about how she helps people with their subconscious it struck a chord with me. I found my session with her to be a relaxing and cathartic experience. My expectation was that Shari would help me with hypnotherapy, but instead she suggested Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT proved to be very effective for me and was a great gift because learning EFT gives one the tools to release unwanted emotion without assistance. Weeks later someone remarked that I seemed happier, which struck me because I realized I was my old self again and had taken that for granted. I’m very grateful for Shari’s help and would recommend her to anyone seeking peace of mind.” Business Owner

“I was stuck in my eating habits and asking for help. Shari easily and comfortably guided me exactly where I needed to go to get that help. In our session, I found the motivation to start moving in the right direction again. It was a wonderfully gentle and yet deep healing experience. Thank you, Shari!” February 20, 2009 Healing Practitioner

“The sessions I have had with Shari have been in depth, thorough, and positively uplifting. She has been able to pinpoint patterns that no longer serve me and establish new techniques to promote a more positive approach to life. If you are looking for someone to be able to pin point and address areas to improve your life, then Shari is an excellent choice.” January 25, 2009 Business Owner and Practitioner

“Ms. gordon has provided me with deep insight into the inner workings of the mind, very important considering I am an entrepreneur. Through my work with Shari, I have tackled and overcame some of the biggest challenges in owning my own business. I highly recommend Shari Gordon, both professionally and personally.” Entrepreneur

“I smoked for 30 years and went to Shari to quit smoking using Hypnotherapy. I haven’t even wanted a cigarette since then, this was the best thing I have ever done for myself!” Teacher

“I had a pain in my ankle and lump that the doctor didn’t know what it was. The doctor prescribed muscle relaxants and that helped with the pain in the legs and back, but not the foot or the lump. Shari did this magic treatment on me. It took two treatments and the lump disappeared and the pain went away. I think it’s a miracle!” Financial Planner

“I was very skeptical about participating in Hypnotherapy; Shari, however, made that a process comfortable for me. I was able to allow it to unfold at a deeper and richer level than I would have predicted. The combination of additional techniques that she utilized were very effective. Shari was very professional and created a space that I could relax and open to my higher energy. I will refer clients and friends that I think can benefit from her extraordinary sensitivity and skill.” Business Owner & Practitioner

“I have never felt such peace that was genuine.” Artist

“I went to see Shari after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Working with her helped me think of my life very differently. I felt stronger than I ever thought possible. I was able to recover and bounce back fast after my surgery because of my new and positive attitude that Shari helped me discover about myself. Shari is truly a gifted woman and I will be forever grateful for her and her gifts.” VP of Human Resources

What People are saying about Shari’s Workshops:

  • I loved the meditations and I recommend Shari’s workshops!
  • I love Shari’s voice and the self-hypnosis exercises.
  • The Belief Buster workshop was extremely thorough, I felt very comfortable and welcome to share. I came away with a positive feeling.
  • Shari provided a space for me to feel safe expressing my feelings, fears and concerns, she left it open for everyone to participate.
  • The exercises, course content, and presentation were outstanding!