Axiatonal Alignment Therapy (Vibratory Grid Alignment)

Axiatonal Alignment Therapy, also known as Vibratory Grid Alignment, will increase your intuition, connect you with the lost aspects of self that have been split off due to trauma, addiction, abuse, self judgment, shame and guilt and other unconscious choices and increase your bodies ability to heal and help you re-awaken to who you Truly are and your Soul Purpose.

This therapy relates to the acupuncture meridians, chakras, earth grid and astronomical flows and assists individuals in consciously merging their own grids with the planetary and cosmic grids.


  • Increase Intuition
  • Renewal of Life Purpose
  • Increase Bodies Ability to Heal
  • Increase Your Overall  Well-Being
  • Reconnect to Lost Aspects of Self to Become Whole
  • Reconnect to Universal and Cosmic Grid to Receive Information
  • The Benefits are Beyond Conscious Knowing at this time

Investment in Your Reconnection and Transformation-$212