I’m often asked how I became interested in this method of healing. My background is 14 years with Corporate America in the high-tech industry. I was in management positions with companies such as ADC Telecommunications, Lucent Technologies, AT&T Wireless, and a few start-up software companies. My Bachelors of Arts Degree is in Business Finance from Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado. For a long time I felt like I should be doing something different, but I didnt know what to do. My marriage ending was my catalyst to go on my own healing journey. Going through my healing process, I developed a voracious appetite for various natural healing methods and began studying and training in these techniques.

Skeptic turned believer! Once fearing hypnosis as mind control I never thought I would have experienced it let alone be a practicing Hypnotherapist. What I found was that I was in full control and able to hear and communicate with the therapist; it was more of a focused concentration to assist me in achieving my goals. Hypnotherapy is a very empowering, amazing technique that has helped me to heal and move past my self-limiting beliefs and patterns into a more conscious, confident state of being. By experiencing different healing methods I was amazed at how peaceful and balanced I felt, and thus my mind once closed began to open to a new way of healing, from the inside… out!

I have found Hypnotherapy and Body Alignment TechniqueTM to be profound healing tools to assist in healing old wounds and moving beyond limitations to begin to realize my TRUE potential. I continue on this journey and do my own work, and I remember my teachers motto, progress not perfection.

Because of my life experience and my personal transformation, I can relate to my clients experience. There is a difference between walking the path and knowing the path. Having developed my intuitive skills, I understand the process that people go through in questioning their intuition and how they can learn to cultivate and trust it! My intuition and training in a wide variety of the latest 21st century healing techniques and transpersonal studies allows for a beautiful blossoming of one’s soul. I welcome and am honored to assist you as you navigate through your life journey.

Shari Gordon

Chief Blossomer

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