I Still Have that Dream

I want to make some changes in my life. I’ve been doing some things that I believe are getting in my way of creating greater things.

I am a self improvement junkie! Constantly reading, learning, continuing my studies, listening to podcasts, You Tube videos, webinars, reading emails, and wasting time perusing social media.

That’s great to a certain extent. The problem is, I haven’t taken enough time to get quiet, to go to my center.

I’ve been too filled up with information coming at me and it’s been very noisy. Too many discordant frequencies that I’ve not been connected enough to my own inner wisdom. 

So this year, I intend to get quiet, to take time for meditation and to get to my center. I started on New Year’s Day, turned off my phone and stayed away from the computer. It was wonderful, such a respite from the noise and busy holiday season.

January for me is for rest and rejuvenation. I am not one who typically starts the year off with a bang. I kind of ease on into it. 

After my workout this morning I sat down to meditate, (with my cat Aspen on my lap:). I heard the message “I Have a Dream”. How appropriate to hear this on Martin Luther King day. It must be in the ethers.

So I started dreaming a dream for my life. Which was the prompt of this topic. It’s about the stories we tell ourselves.

Many times we will repeat stories that are not empowering, they are not something we would wish to dream for ourselves, or anyone else for that matter. Yet how often do you hear yourself or others repeat that same sad story?

Martin Luther King was a visionary, a leader, a dreamer. He dreamt of a day that was so far away from the current reality of the time, he inspired others to believe it was possible.

I invite you to rewrite your story. Listen to the stories you tell yourself and others. Is it really true? In the work I do with my clients I ask them to be mindful of their self-talk.

If you are repeating the same message you are just reinforcing it. If there is pain don’t stuff it, it is presenting itself as an opportunity to heal and transform. 

Click the link to hear Martin Luther King’s inspiring I Have a Dream speech

Yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite singing bowl artists, Ashana, and I love the lyrics from her song, Loving Kindness. “Loving kindness for all beings, from the one beyond the stars….” I have a dream for just that, loving kindness for all beings.

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