Hypnosis as ‘Mind Control’? Think Again!

I was waiting for my pizza, talking to the pizza guy. He asked me what I do and so I told him. He said he could never do that, thought hypnosis would get in his mind, control him and he didn’t want anything to do with it.

I told him I understand how he feels, I do, I used to feel the same way. Just the word hypnosis conjures up preconceived notions within people. I bet it does for you, unless you have experienced it.

But what is mind control? What about the fears that control you? What about the past experiences that were traumatic or even difficult, how are they controlling your behavior today? How have they affected your beliefs, your points of view about what is and is not possible? Have you closed off your heart for fear of getting hurt?

I was watching a news program about a middle eastern country and they showed clips of teaching the children chanting negative things about America. “Death to America”. So what is hypnosis? Those children are being hypnotized, or programmed to hate Americans. How will those beliefs influence how they be in the world? Will they grow up with openness and love to their neighbors or breed hatred?

What about childhood programming you received? Was it life enhancing or limiting? Were your caregivers highly critical of you? If so how would that affect you today? Would you have a strong inner critic that constantly berates you and hinders your self-esteem?

What if hypnosis actually helps you awaken to the Divine truth of who you are? Of what you are capable of achieving? What if you can unlearn the negative things that you learned, the limiting beliefs?

What if you are fully in control and not being controlled? What if you can see and hear the therapist, get up and go to the bathroom, scratch your nose? What if rather than hypnosis controlling you or unearthing things in your subconscious that it is a means to wake you up, to help you heal the past that is affecting your present reality? What if hypnosis can help you change behaviors, increase confidence, overcome fears and phobias? What if hypnosis actually helps you to focus your mind on the positive things you want to happen, rather than on everything you don’t.

Hypnosis as ‘Mind Control’? THINK AGAIN!

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