How to Reduce Anxiety and Overcome Negative Thinking

Have you ever been in a cycle of negative thinking, worried about everything that could go wrong?

I sure have, actually, I used to have a lot of anxiety. Even though I knew it wasn’t helping, then I worried about my thoughts being negative, because of the law of attraction and what we focus on expands, that would throw me into a real doozy!

Does it help to worry? Does it make us feel better? Worry and anxiety are habits, they will often repeat in a constant loop until something helps to shift them.

Here are some tips on shifting those patterns:

Acknowledge them, say hello to them, what we resist, persists, by saying hello, “making friends with the problem” softens the grip they have on you. Try it.

Do some deep breathing exercises to shift from a stressful sympathetic nervous system to a parasympathetic nervous system which decreases respiration and heart rate.

Question those thoughts that are causing the stress.

Focus on the good, gratitude and appreciation are wonderful antidotes to worries and fears.

Go clean the oven, watch a movie, put some great music on, because you won’t get anything done anyway when you are that stressful state of mind.

It is a practice and a habit to shift your thinking, your emotional state. It takes being aware and being consistent.

The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between the past and present. Things that happened a long time ago or even recent, are still influencing the present time until cleared. Many of us will repress emotions for various reasons.

Are you ready to clear baggage you don’t want to take into 2021? Need a boost to shift your habits? Ready to go to the next level?

Clients that I have worked with were surprised that the things that used to bother them and occupy their mind, no longer did. It doesn’t have to take a long time to release and shift. Working at the subconscious and energetic levels are faster.

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