Anniversary & How it Started

My Beautiful Office Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me! Five years ago I moved into this beautiful office space and celebrated with an open house. It was such a fun night and new beginnings are always exciting.

Lots of changes have happened in my space with the co-working center closing. I’m doing online and in person sessions in my Lakewood office. Turns out people really like the convenience of online sessions.

From Corporate World to the Healing Arts

I actually started doing this work in 2002, started with Reiki and that was the beginning of going down the healing arts rabbit hole. Though it’s rare that I do a solo Reiki session without the other modalities, to this day I do Reiki on my cat, myself or others as the need arises. Sometimes one just has to experience it to realize there really is something to this energy healing stuff and sometimes it seems like a miracle!

We are so conditioned on the types of acceptable healing modalities, traditional talk therapy or traditional western medicine that many miss out on the power of energy healing, energy psychology, subconscious healing.

Often clients have tried other things before coming to me. And when they do come see me, it’s because what they have been doing just wasn’t giving them the results they desired.

Every healing modality I use with clients, I’ve had great success in my personal life.

I went from working in high tech corporate world to the healing arts, now that’s a big shift in one’s identity! Healing and transforming my old codependent patterns has helped me to be of service in facilitating my client’s process.

Work Together?

If you feel like you could use a balance, your life is out of alignment, need a tune-up, have some limiting beliefs to work through, anxiety, sadness, melancholy, relationship issues, feel stuck, it would be my honor to facilitate your blossoming.

Click this link to book Now, I’m happy to chat to see if working together is a good fit.

Working at the subconscious and energetic levels gets to the root of the issue and facilitates healing and transformation and a beautiful blossoming of one’s soul.

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