FREE Intro Talk and Healing Life Alignment

I hope you have been healthy and sane during this strange Sci-Fi flick!

I’ve been staying busy with online classes. One of them is Life Alignment, a modality that I was first introduced to during my Hypnotherapy training back in 2002!

This is a healing modality that continually calls to me for my own personal development.

I want to share this healing modality with you!
Wednesday, May 6th from 11am-1pm MDT. Founder, Jeff Levin will give an overview of Life Alignment and Vortex Cards and use the process for a global healing and meditation. This is a free offering and an opportunity to share in this healing current.
Mark Your Calendar!
Where:Connect via then click “Join a Meeting” and the Meeting ID 952 4262 2350 Password: 074631

We have been doing these balances over the phone or Zoom and they work very well.
What a few people have said after their session:”I feel more calm, grounded and centered”.”I felt a lot smoother, calmer, I felt changes inside, and I slept better”

Click here to learn more about Life Alignment.

If you aren’t able to attend and would like a recording just reply and let me know.

All My Best Wishes!

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