Energetic Redesign

A foundation that was built upon experiences that taught you to play small, not be seen, don’t express yourself, it’s not safe to love, you aren’t valued will attract those experiences in your life which confirm those beliefs. When one has those beliefs they could show up as being in a relationship where your partner has affairs or being in an abusive relationship, which could include verbal abuse, or being in a relationship with an addict. You start to believe those negative messages, implied or direct where you are not valued.

How will you create the life you desire if you haven’t changed the software (subconscious programming)

This program is a clearing of the old experiences stored in the subconscious, healing the wounded parts and updating the software (beliefs), These processes will shift your world. As you release the old repressed energies you feel lighter, freer and in touch with your true self. When you are free from the old conditioning that has limited you, your life changes in amazing ways!

How do you want your life to be?

Sessions are tailored to meet your needs.

Session starts with an assessment to determine areas that need to be addressed. Based on your individual goals, I suggest a plan of healing  and we review it together to determine your level of acceptance and commitment to the plan. Work begins.
Sessions may include: Counseling/Coaching using EFT, guided visualizations, hypnotherapy, and various energetic processes. These processes will shift your inner world. As you make the changes in your inner world your outer experiences will match your new vibration. This is the law of attraction!
Merely visualizing and affirming what you want isn’t enough. It’s like building a new structure on top of a faulty foundation that will topple over. It is necessary to do the inner work. 
Energetic Redesign Investment
This program is tailored  to meet your needs. Longer sessions may be better for some clients and processes. Minimum of one session a week  for the first 5 weeks. $140 Hourly rate.
6 Month Energetic Redesign Program:
If you are serious about your healing and personal transformation then this is a great place to start. We will meet weekly to start and thereafter anywhere from 2 -4 times a month.
Payment: Cash or Checks are preferred.
Cancellation of appointments: I request a 24 hour notice of cancellation. I have  reserved the time for you and in doing so also take time to prepare for our appointment. Upon occasion I have had clients call me at the last moment informing me they wouldn’t be able to make it. This makes it uncomfortable for us and leaves me with an open slot and no clients. Please  keep your commitment to our scheduled time.