Color Code Interpersonal Skills

Color Code Interpersonal Skills Training was developed by Taylor Hartman, PhD. Color Code is the only interpersonal skills training that is based on the  MOTIVE that drives behavior. Shari Gordon facilitates Color Code Workshops for group trainings. Contact Shari for more information on implementing this program in your organization.

The Colors

REDS are the power wielders. Power is defined as the ability to move from point A to point B. Reds are about results and productivity. They bring great gifts of vision and leadership. Reds are generally characterized as responsible, decisive, proactive and assertive.

BLUES love to give of themselves to others. Intimacy, connecting, creating quality relationships and having purpose is what drives these people. Their natural gifts include quality and service. Blues can be counted on to be loyal, sincere, and thoughtful.

WHITES are peacekeepers. Peace, or the ability to stay calm in the midst of chaos, is what motivates a White. Clarity and tolerance are White gifts. Whites are also known for their qualities of kindness, adaptability, and patience.

YELLOWS love to have fun. The joy of living in the moment and doing something just for the sake of doing it is the driving force for these people. Yellows offer the gifts of enthusiasm and optimism. They are generally charismatic, spontaneous, and sociable.

The comment we hear most frequently is how easy the Color Code is to put into practice.

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Shari Gordon is a Certified Independent Color Code Facilitator.