Energy Healing, Access Bars

Clients have reported improved sleep, improved mood,  faster healing, feeling calmer and more centered. If you are feeling stressed, fearful, wonky and unsure about where your life is going take time for YOU and come get balanced.

Access Bars™ was developed by Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness™. Clients lie on a massage table and remain fully clothed. The practitioner gently touches 32 points on the head that are associated with various areas of one’s life: Money, Creativity, Healing, Control and so on. It is a process that facilitates the releasing of fixed points of view that are getting in the way of you experiencing more joy, peace, and happiness.

Having your Bars run weekly is an effective way to clear out the baggage and expand your life, your living, your peace of mind and happiness. People claim feeling relaxed and energized like they have just had a massage, however this technique facilitates the clearing of limiting beliefs in addition to reducing stress and anxiety and lifting depression.

Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Fear and say Goodbye to Heavy Energies!



After the end of a cherished relationship and recent major surgery, I had carried around a dark heaviness that I could not seem to shake. After one session with Shari, that heaviness was lifted and the vacated space filled with a lighthearted and optimistic energy. I feel alive again! Thank you Shari!

 “I was feeling kind of wonky, melancholy and low energy prior to the Access Bars Session. Afterwards my emotional state was uplifted, depression gone and I was feeling good. I could feel the energy releasing in my electromagnetic field, it was profound so I decided to add this energetic technique to my toolbox”   Shari Gordon

Shari  attended Rikka Zimmerman’s Access Bars class in January 2011 in Denver, Colorado. Shari now offers Access Bars Sessions in addition to Hypnotherapy, EFT, and other Energy Healing Techniques. It is a great modality to help clear the dross, release limiting beliefs and gain clarity.