Who’s at the helm of those intentions?

Happy New Year 2020! I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season!

I’ve been enjoying the quiet time reflecting on this past year and the upcoming year. Well….it’s here! A new day, like every day. But there’s something about turning the dial to a new year that is very exciting and encouraging. 

Last year I started a gratitude jar. I made notes throughout the year on what I was grateful for, things I was doing, people I appreciated, events… It’s a good thing…because my inner-critic and perfectionist started to creep in as I reflected on 2019. Gratitude and appreciation gets your mind focused on all of the blessings, whereas the inner-critic, inner-judge, and inner-perfectionist focus on one’s short comings, not enoughness. They do a good job of beating you up. 

While there is more I would like to improve upon (progress, not perfection), I can look at all the good, all the things I appreciate, all of the blessings in my life, all the good I did and shift the way I feel. 
As you reflect on your 2019, and set your intentions, goals or resolutions…. for your 2020, notice who is driving the bus. Is it your inner-critic, inner-perfectionist or inner-judge? 

Spiritual teacher Adyashanti has a wonderful message to “always treat yourself as if you are someone you deeply care about”.  He says that you will approach yourself with more dignity and respect. 

I wish for you a wonderful new year of health, happiness and self compassion. 

Happy New Year 2020! Happy Blossoming!


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